You can now add more custom code to pages
Starter plan can now change the app URL

Up until today if you were on our Starter plan you could not change the URL of an app. For example, if you had a blog you couldn't change the URL from "blog" to "news".

We thought about it and decided that that was a silly restriction. No more.

Now you can edit the app instance name, url, and app key on any BranchCMS plan.

Goodbye unnecessary restrictions! ;)

Show or hide the breadcrumb text in the administration

Breadcrumb text is the nativation links on a website that show the user where they are on the website. They are great for larger websites, but not really necessary on small websites.

CleanShot 2022-01-14 at 12.44.37@2x.png

Until now, you had to remvoe some tags in the templates to hide the breadcrumb text. Our goal is to enable more design changes in the website administration without having to edit templates. We've added one more thing that you can now do in the administration.

You can now easily show or hide the breadcrumb text site-wide in the administration.

To do that, click on Settings in the top bar and then click on Breadcrumb Trail.

Toggle the "Show the breadcrumb trail on this website" to enable or disable the breadcrumb trail.

CleanShot 2022-01-14 at 12.48.06.gif

Fixed issue with renaming a folder in the file browser

In the past if you renamed a folder in the file browser then things would go wonky and a series of subfolders could be created.

That has now been fixed.

Now, if you rename a folder, it's renamed like you'd expect.

BTW - we're working on a brand new file browser that we hope to release soon. It'll be an improvement over what's there with a number of new features!

Improved clearing the cache when editing content

We improved the process of clearing the cache for app items to include when bulk changes are applied. This includes:

  • reordering
  • publishing or unpublishing
  • featuring or unfeaturing
  • bulk assigning changes
Site settings are now available in templates

We recently added support for setting the company information for a website under Settings -> Company Information. That data is now available to use within your website templates.

We also exposed some of the Structured Data settings like the aggregate ratings for template use.

View the developer documentation.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes 🪲
  • If you've set a custom favicon for your website then it will now properly show when you're in the administration.
  • Fixed an issue with trying to access a template variable that doesn't exist.
  • Storage app: fixed issue with initializing payment information with Stripe for a new customer.
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Members app - customize how the profile URL is created
Customize store checkout forms

If you are a developer and are building a store app, you can now have more control over the Shipping and Billing checkout steps.

With the store app forms you can now more easily reorder fields, change field labels, and set field attributes right in the administration.

Set custom headers when processing a form submission
JSON-LD Improvements - SEO
Storage app - canceling subscriptions

With our new Storage app for Self-Storage businesses, you can now cancel subscriptions in the administration.

To do it first click on Subscriptions in the sidebar. Then click on the subscription that you want to cancel.

Then click on the Cancel Subscription link at the top.


Favicon improvements