Favicon improvements

We've always had some pretty extensive favicon settings and we've recently updated them. It used to be that you would upload just a favicon.ico file, but with modern browsers you have a lot more options. Favicons can now be a PNG, JPG, ICO or SVG. **What's a favicon?** It's the small image that show in the browser tab. To edit your website favicon click on *Settings* in the top bar ![click-settings.png](BASE/products/299304898/changelog/3302/inline-60c2ef068cbe3e457bea1e3dc0b1533f.jpg) then click on *Favicon & Web App* ![favicon-settings-link.png](BASE/products/299304898/changelog/3302/inline-cbe804b6b7359b20975319e93e728b44.jpg) We streamlined out favicon settings to make it clear what the primary favicon image should be, what the alternate SVG icon is, and the fallback ICO file. ![CleanShot 2021-12-22 at 14.35.01@2x.png](BASE/products/299304898/changelog/3302/inline-f839b360a515ddd857a230f7469528d5.jpg) **Developers** For developers, we've also added support for completely customizing how the favicon HTML is generated. For most websites you can use the HTML that the platform generates. But if you need control, you can now use custom HTML.