JSON-LD Improvements - SEO

When you search Google for a company and you get the company information on the right side of your screen (if you're not on a mobile device)? Well, some of that information can be set with some special HTML on your website called JSON-LD. It's basically some configuration and settings about your company name, logo, social media, contact information, and more. It's also known as "Structured Data". We've recently updated our JSON-LD support. - Improved how JSON-LD can be set in template by developers. - Added support for aggregate rating information on the company structured data settings. - Added support for setting the organization type. - Added support for settning a company description. To edit the settings first click on *Settings* in the top bar. ![click-settings.png](BASE/products/299304898/changelog/3305/inline-829eae9b2ce72fbd7dfeeef535b17b5a.jpg) Then click the *Company Information* link to edit the company name and basic contact information. > This company information can also be used in emails or in templates. Expand the *SEO, Marketing & Social* section and click on *Structured Data* to edit company settings that are specific to the JSON-LD/Structured data. ![json-ld-settings.png](BASE/products/299304898/changelog/3305/inline-d304b52dd304844d1e684efb3f3d87c1.jpg)