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We are now using a great tool called [Sleekplan]( within our administration to share product updates with you. We may sometimes share an important update with you like this one and have it automatically pop up to get your attention. Other times, you can click on the *Updates and Feedback* link in the sidebar. ![updates-link.png](BASE/products/299304898/changelog/3310/inline-6a91c4b2e2df954033bda2c074ae8d46.jpg) This new tool lets us share product updates and our road map with you. You can let us know if you like an update or not by clicking on one of the emojis below the post. ![CleanShot 2021-12-22 at 15.45.27@2x.png](BASE/products/299304898/changelog/3310/inline-335d51ca3c077bafd99f81e9aaaa8b90.jpg) You can also subscribe to get notified of future updates. **Share an idea or suggest a feature** You can also share your ideas with us on how we can improve. Or, you can also view existing suggestions and vote or comment on them to let us know that they are important to you. **Submit a bug report** If you see something wrong, you can also share a bug report with us. We hope that this helps you feel more involved with our team as we try to build a better website platform.