Small Performance Improvements

Today we rolled out two updates that can help with the performance of your websites. ## Google reCAPTCHA improvement First, if your website uses Google reCAPTCHA V3 to help protect against spam then you'll get a small benefit. The Javascript for Google reCAPTCHA that we add to the page is now loaded asyncronously, which means that it no longer is a blocking resource. Granted, we should have done this from day one, but, better late than never, eh? ;) ## Image loading improvement The biggest component of the speed of a page is images. We have some updates that should be coming down the pipeline this spring about images. But in the meantime, we added a small one today. Most modern browsers support lazy loading images. This means that if the image is not in view then it's not actually loaded until it's close to in view. This is done by adding an attribute to the HTML image tag like this: `loading="lazy"` You can now enable that for all images that are set in the editor. Go to Settings -> Rich Text Editor -> Settings and toggle on the "Set images to lazy load by default" field. When that is enabled, then when you edit a page, all new images and existing images that are in the editor will be set to lazy load. There won't be any negative implications to enabling this on your website. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to [contact us](