Easily set an image to use CDN versioning

If you have the CDN enabled then by default images will not have a versioning value added to the image URL. For example, the CDN URL for an image could be like this: https://cdn.branchcms.com/wBxef4NRL1A-33/images/logo.svg You may want to add CDN versioning to the file if you want to ensure that the latest version of the image is used with the CDN. With the CDN settings, you can customize the "version" value. Enabling CDN versioning on the image will add that version value before the file extension. For example, if the version value is "3" then the URL for the image could be like this: https://cdn.branchcms.com/wBxef4NRL1A-33/images/logo.3.svg Now you can easily add enable CDN versioning on individual images. `{% set image.cdnVersion = true %}`